Welcome to my website.

At some point of my life I decided to leave my office jobs and do what I like doing - and I like creating things and working outdoors.

Today, with 5 years experience, with few smaller and a few bigger projects completed I can offer my customers a quality service at sensible prices.

I offer you a free estimate which can be scheduled at a time that suits you.

Finding your ideal garden has never been easier and whether it is a big job or just occasional maintenance I am happy to help.

If you are interested in the landscaping services I provide, then please get in touch today.

5* Excellent Work

"After years of neglect we were finally forced to clear our garden. It was so overgrown that we were not even able to fully open our back door. The grass, weeds, branches and all the nasty treasures that Martin found finally left our home. It was not easy but priced fairly and considering the hard work it didn't take as long as we expected. Thank you."

- Amanda

5 stars Great job!
"Martin changed my sad and empty balcony into a green place, with artificial grass, a lot of beautiful plants, hanging baskets and nice shelves. Martin completed the project in 2 days and it wasn't expensive too. I recommend."
- Monica, Richmond